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We believe that comments are a valuable part of a blog. Therefore, comments are open on most posts. Don't abuse it.

The Weblog operator decides at its sole discretion about publishing, editing, deleting on-page comments, or changing our follow/nofollow policy at any time. In some cases we may shorten the comment to better highlight your point.

Email Notifications: By posting a comment or trackback to any of our sites you implicitly agree that we may send you automatic and manual response concerning your comment or trackback. No other types of emails will be sent.

If you subscribe to receive following comments by email, be advised that such emails might contain (to our disliking) commercial or inappropriate text written by other users. We try to filter spam, but cannot guarantee that we catch every single such message. Each email provides a mechanism for unsubscribing.

Copyright of your comment remains with you. By submitting content to this weblog as comment, trackback, pingback, or other technical means you grant us a non-revocable Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (↑).

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Last updated: 2010-01-26

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